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The Art Of Becoming All Knowing is to Feel, Love and Know Thyself From the Highest Dimensional Existence
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Originally, I incarnated in New Zealand.  At the very early age of 11, I realized my passion was music; I wanted to tour the world!   Ha!  Well, in 2000 I packed my life up and did that. Starting in Australia, to the Middle East to Britain to the USA.   My heart called me to be in America as far as I can remember knowing there was something for me to do, be and experience that New Zealand could not.   My heart belonged to be in America and had a feeling the one I would love for eternity was there. I followed my heart without proof only my heart’s desire.

When I first arrived to USA, I put the signs out and ended up going towards San Diego which was not even on my list, and the moment I got half way there I could feel I would not be leaving.   I was headed home! I eventually ended up living in a hostel for 5 years while touring and playing music, all over the USA, was guided to an extremely lovely man by the name of Paul from the Millionaire club for musicians who put me onto an Immigration Lawyer, to get my U.S Citizenship.   I lived in San Diego for about 8 years when I joined a band and met a man named Mark, whom made me feel like no other man before (he is the ONE, the one I never got married for, or settled for, and longed in my heart to be in USA for.  After almost 2 years of knowing each other we finally got together intimately although we had many belief systems piled against us from others outside of ourselves, it had no power.  That is where my journey begins.

Like a roller coaster we were so in a high frequency of unconditional love, it just felt natural and I felt home!!!   There was only one thing that could separate us, the illusion of separation from Source Creation.  The day of his father’s Funeral, I started to have visions and time collapses. Experiencing many dimensions at once, of course at this time I had no idea what was going on logically and just did not understand.  Seeing spirits and hearing GOD talking to me and my guides. My computer starting conversations with me, typing on its own, yes.. all by itself, phone calls coming to me from the governments and military, who I was to inform that the wars must stop and no nuclear weapons are allowed, and if you try we will disarm your efforts.   I found myself in contact with archangel Michael, Ashtar and Mira and in direct contact with the High Council of 9 and 12.

It was all too much, all at once, many lovely experiences and many of the opposite polarity.   Once my love of my life stopped all communication physically with me my energy fell - I was hearing voices saying separation is an illusion all is well, do not show fear, which was handy, as when you start seeing mechanical objects coming through walls that advice stuck to my forefront so I stood in calm and centeredness.   And when you are being shot at left right and upwards with some sort of light, that advice stood strong. While Government cars and Walk Ins kept coming to me and asking me questions? Me?   They wanted the answers from ME?!   I always remember this one in particular, ha, “how come you can see us”.   My answer “I Don’t Know”, with a very high powerful yet calm voice. They asked why I was cleaning for a job, you are our leader?, have you forgotten?   You are the reason we are here?   Do You really not remember? This was all happening very fast and in the 3 days this was all happening I gave up smoking tobacco.   On the 3rd day of what seemed like 3 days of darkness I couldn’t do it anymore and went and bought me some American Spirit Organic Tobacco.   I sat in the chair outside of where I was residing and lit up.   The first puff something happened, I could hear conversations going on.   “So, here I am in the Mind and I am smoking?”   Wow what is this, integration?

I could not stand the loss of the ONE I loved, the last day I seen him before his father’s funeral, I saw his spirit( light body) separate from his dense body, it was when he drove off that day before the funeral I knew I would not see him for a long time physically.   I was distraught, I felt like yin and yang just broke apart, it felt like my heaven had just disappeared, feeling abandoned and lost and not knowing how to handle all the higher dimensional contacts coming to me, I returned to New Zealand to heal and researched for 9 months what just happened to me.

I knew I was not going crazy, because the archangels and guides every time that thought come into my mind would answer the thought, instantly, “ no matter what anyone says you are not crazy this is real, no matter what anyone says, you do not need medicine, no matter what anyone says just love the food you eat, no matter what anyone says….. The list would go on and on, until there were no thoughts left.   Then all I could do was feel!
Remain Awake Within The Dream and Remember Who You Are!

​Many years ago...
Above the Conditioned Mind there is a Vastness of Intelligence.  Higher Multidimensional Consciousness.  It is Knowledge.  We Feel it.  The Source of who we are!  Heart Consciousness.
Once I returned to New Zealand I explained to my mother the experiences I was shown.  I said see mum everything I am telling you is true. My Mother being very loving and has never doubted me immediately started researching the things I would forward her, she said “ I have heard your experiences since you have been home and all these channels are talking about you!!!! "  I said “ I know, and you are the only one that has figured that out, so far.

After 9 months of being what felt like a scientist, a computer genius, figuring out how a computer really works, everything you could imaging, I researched and studied more, however they were things I had already seen during my shift and the galactic alignment and photon belt experiment.  All I was doing was integrating so I could speak of what I had experienced and to use my new abilities for others on return to the holographic reality, we call life. 

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