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My Awakening
I had an amazing journey there, with many visitations and contacts from the higher dimensions. I love my soul friend who I call my inner child now, “Babydoll” Aimee, I love you!

I then returned to San Diego where I was faced with many shifts going on, and was being pulled away from there, I did not want to move I just wanted to wait for the ONE I loved to contact me. I was told to wait for no man from above, and sat at my computer with my chakras all booming. I started getting messages to go to the Mountain? What Mountain? I searched on my own and ended up going to Idyllwild Mountain for the weekend, nope this was not it, yet I loved it there and was only 2 hours away from Ramona in San Diego.

Onward to Mt. Shasta

On return from that weekend I once again sat at the computer this time the sites popped up in front of me “Mt Shasta Conference 2014”? I researched and went, this is it. I packed my bags a suitcase, left my musical gear in storage and travelled in my car 12 hours to Mt Shasta where I was told to drive people up the mountain and welcome all into my heart!

I attended the conference where I met Rob Potter the founder and James Gilliland and many other well-known souls. I mostly stood in the background and realized I had the ability to anchor through very high energies which opens me up to source creation. I then realized I had the ability as a portal to birth creations this way. Funny , I also realized when someone talked about someone or something I became that which was being projected, as if I am the thing or person they speak of. I am All That I Am. God Consciousness, Omnipresent in form and No Form, All Knowing, all present, in the NOW! WHOLENESS! HOME!

So I drove people up and down the mountain until I realized I had no money for gas left, as not one person ever offered me gas money or food, except one person named Victor, who we ended up sharing our lives together for 1 year. I had to stop volunteering my services and look for work. I was directed to Dunsmuir a small town just south of Mt Shasta which had a wonderful feeling about and was directed to a man named Mark, (ha the same name as the ONE I love) I felt like a mother figure there and had many higher figures working with me. After that assignment, i found myself stuck and staying on a camp ground. Back to square one? Full Circle? No! I was not going to let anything bring me down!
This is when Rob Potter asked me to work for him, the very day I finished my previous job in Dunsmuir. We then merged and I joined Rob as his Co-Producer for the Mt Shasta Intergalactic Conference 2015, after he said “my guides are telling me you’re the one to ask.”


We welcome you to this web site!  At present, we are also being motivated to open a new series of highly enlightened, higher dimensional Skype webinars to the public.

Our intent is to decode what is keeping you from reaching your Universal Intelligence and source of who you are, transmuting and opening your portals (bodies) to their natural blissful natural state of perfection, the way you were before all the belief systems got in the way. The mission is to assist the earth and mother Gaia with the mission to provide a safe home for all of creation including Gaia,  especially her Animal Children, all of her children, and to Unite the Divine Feminine and Masculine in all dimensions. and Create a new template with a strong foundation of Love and Oneness!
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On arrival to New Zealand to do my research and heal, I was told of a quarantine process, and that chemtrails are not what you think they are, and that all is well.  I was shown how I incarnated to New Zealand to heal and transmute, yet my other divine self is in America, where the Creator’s heart is! No one ever told me who I was, I had to figure it out for myself, & that is the process we all are on, to remember who you are!

While in new Zealand the ONE I loved, was contacting me telepathically and telling me we would meet in what one calls, dreamtime, having conversations.   He would ask where am I - I would say New Zealand.  He would also say, "are you coming back to San Diego"? And I would say, yes.  I felt like I was in heaven and connected again, although upon waking and coming back into the physical reality, instantly made me sad again and feeling separated!  I was told to stay in New Zealand as the energies were still too low in America, and even with all my guides saying the same thing.  I returned with a flight booked as soon as I had saved enough money.   All I wanted to do was to be with the ONE I love!!   And, just as important, to bring the same feeling to all in existence, the feeling of wholeness to everyone on earth.  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  

On return to America after I had finally saved enough money for my flight I went to Wisconsin, which is known as Gods Country where a dear beloved soul of mine is residing with her biological family at present. I was guided into a very high authoritive position, to break crime fear and the laziness of Gaia’s children, who had not remembered during their shifts the intangibles they were born with, eg, integrity and responsibility and respect for themselves, and others, and to awaken them to their god selves and reclaim their natural powers and rights to live in love, abundantly and creatively! 
I have since gained much information and decoding programs within to release old systems out of the consciousness and the use of the light ship healing centers which lay all over the planet in the skies at this time. The creators dream is to manifest heaven on earth once again before the great illusion and Fall of frequencies into a dense materialistic  reality.  The greatest power Is love.  I was told no matter what I see in the hologram to remember there is no “they” it is only us, and that no matter what anyone says, the president (OBAMA - Pleadian) is of the light!

I now have the ability to channel through whom ever a person unconditionally loves within my presence, now I know how people think sometimes about the word channeling, so lets say I am a portal and the higher your love, and the more open your heart, you will receive the perfect information through me.  This is decoding and reconnecting with source as many parts of one self as possible for their awakening process, and healing and uplifting of Gaia. 

Ultimately once you hit the source connection the truth is you are with god/goddess whatever word you wish to use, it is then you realize We are One!!!!!!!!!! 

Remember the more you open your heart the more Source can come through!  Be love and light.  You must feel the truth with your heart.  Not think with your mind to make this transition, there are new laws and and structures, and these are grounded from Heavenly Dimensions, aligned with the Prime Creator, and our Evolutionary stage of being Galactic Beings of Light and God Consciousness!   And of Course the Creators Dream to manifest as ordained!
In September of 2016 completed the solar activation part 1 mt shasta conference and then the Secret Space Program with Corey Goode Laura Eisenhower and Michael Salla. Once these conferences were completed we ended  contracts with Rob Potter.  Missions upon layers in different dimensions were successful - At this time my mission was to reveal behind the hidden programs of the Elite control Mind System and Ego Programs that will no longer exist in the New Earth, so that it would have a global effect on others being able to have the veils removed so the truth can be seen, allowing all of Gaias children to have clairty and expanded vision, FREEDOM and Complete Wisdom returned to them.  This means that no longer can the Ego Programs and Lower Frequencies have any power over them,  removing all obstacles of the lower dimensions to collapse.  TO LIVE IN LOVE AND A WORLD OF MAGIC AND JOY, ABUNDANCE AND UNITY.  HEAVEN ON EARTH IS HERE ALREADY!!! AND YOU SHALL SEE WITH GODS EYES!

​LOVE and be of service to GAIA. Trust The Universe and you shall have a world of Magic and abundance. 

When you meet myself you will feel your heart activate.  there is a reason for this!! the truth is in your heart and mine!!  Love from ONE Heart.  namaste
At Present 2016